This post is still related to Korea, I want to tell you about my idol. Actually if we talk about korean idol, its sound identic with Suju, SNSD, Rain, Song Hye Gyo or top artist from that country. But my Idol not as famous as them and I have some reason why I admire them.

1. Jae Hee

Do you remember him guys? that’s right! He is our Mon Ryoung. The first Drama Korea that I like was Sassy Girl Chun Hyang. That drama aired in Indonesia in 2005 (I’m still second grade Junior High School). I still remember that my friend give some pic of Jae Hee that she took from television. Gomawo rere !

This is the picture that she gave to me.

can you see the strips in the first photo? haha, that’s because my friends capture the photo from television. and she gave me some note behind the photo

can you read it? She wrote

“Ne, ini foto aku kasih ke kamu sebagai kenang-kenangan. Simpen ni foto bu…aek bu…aek ya! Coz dapetin foto ini susah banget lho ^_^. U must love Mong Ryong Ok Girl!”

Thank you so much Rere for the picture, I know that it must be difficult for you to get this, since television can’t be pause. But you tried to get it for me. 🙂

2. Lee Yong Dae

He is neither actor nor singer. So who is he? He is one of the badminton player in South Korea. He plays in double mixed but he got popularity (since he won a lot of tournament) in double men. First time when I saw him in TV is in 2008. He plays very well. I recorded his match at the time, but I lost the video now, 😦

2. Yu Seung Ho

Awww.. He is the cutest one. He is 2 years younger than me. I admire him when I saw his movie, Heart is/Hearty paws. That film is recommended to watch. But don’t forget to prepare your tissue box. I’ve dropped a lot of tears at that time hahaha. In that movie his age still 13 years old (cmiiw), but his acting is no doubted. The second movie of him that I’ve been watched is Fouth period. Everybody say that Seung Ho is handsome in that movie. Another movie that he played but I’m not watching yet is God of Study and Quen Seondoek (actually there are some other movie but i didn’t know it well).

3. Kim Soo Hyun

Who didn’t know this guy? He’s got popularity in drama Dream High as Song Sam Dong. I’m as felt be witched of him (wkwkw sorry for over react). But you have the same idea with me, right? Another drama of him that you must be watch is The Moon That Embraces The Sun. As a king of Joseon country, Soo Hyun more adorable and prestigious.

4. Song Jong Ki

Anyone knows him? He is Song Jong Ki. He more popular in MC-ing than acting. But I know him when I watched Sungkyungwan Scandal. He play as Gu Yong Ha. He look so pretty in that movie haha. He has a baby face. Guess what his age this year! No, he is not 20, but 27 y.0. Based on some articles that I’ve been read in internet, he got A from all class when Senior High School. Woow.. Noted : He is smart. Aaa thats why I love him. ❤

6. Kim Jae Jong

Member of JYJ. Actually I like his voice. I saw him firstly when I watched Protect The Boss. I don’t know why, but I like when he talk. And after that I realized that he is a singer. No wonder if he is a singer. I feel that I melted when hear his voice.

7. Lee Jong Hyun

Ah I don’t have any words to describe him right now. But you know him right? He is member of CN Blue. I will tell you about him later. Promise! 🙂


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